Nau: 30% Off Wool Jackets

New Product Report by Justin Norman • December 13, 2015
Nau - 30% Off Wool Jackets
A Nau wool jacket, sported by the man who's going to steal your woman.

See that handsome, iron-jawed man up there? His name is Chet. And he’s going to steal your woman. Why? Because he’s sporting a Nau wool jacket. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to take that sitting down because those wonderfully warm jackets are an irresistible 30% off this week, which means you can easily acquire a better-looking model, meet him in the street and force him to stare deep into the thick fibers of your chest until he falls over and dies of over-exposure to awesome style. Get one or prepare to wither into a pool of salty tears as he beats you in bowling and takes your woman to the nearest rooftop garden to make out under the stars.

Are you a woman? Keep warm under the stars with Chet by checking out their equally awesome women’s selection of jackets.

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