About BetterThread

About BetterThread

Trace the seams.

Everyone shops. But when we buy clothes, where do our dollars go? Most of the time, when we buy from big name brands, we inadvertently support environmental degradation, animal abuse, and inhumane working conditions for people across the globe. Most people don’t want to support those things. So why are brands like Nike still thriving? We think a big part of it is the convenience. A company like Nike has products that are everywhere, but you have to really dig to find companies that make caring for people, animals, and the environment a high priority. That’s why we put together this site. We’re taking the work out of shopping ethically and making it super easy for you to find the best products available. We’ve profiled over 30 companies and awarded them a score based on a simple 10-point scale, so you can quickly make an informed decision about which companies to support with your future purchases.

On the site, you’ll see color-coded badges that we’ve awarded each company based on their ethics. When you’re browsing, you can click on a badge to filter your results based on the issues you care about most.

American & UK Made

American & UK MadeAmerican & UK Made
Because we're based in the US, the “A” stands for America. We award this badge to companies who assemble their goods entirely in America, or within the European Union. When products are produced in those countries, there’s a much higher likelihood that workers will be treated fairly due to the labor laws in those countries being markedly better than the lax laws governing Asian factories that crank out most of the world’s goods. Learn more.


Fair TradeFair Trade
“F” stands for Fair. We award this badge to companies who demonstrate that they work with non-US/UK suppliers who treat their workers fairly. When proof is available, we'll tell you which third-party organization certified the company. In some cases a company may not apply for certification, but they may provide enough documentation of their suppliers that we determine them to be treating workers fairly. Learn more.


"V” stands for Vegan. We award this badge to companies who use no animal products in the majority of their goods. Even if you are not vegan, there are plenty of reasons to watch for this badge. For example, we recommend reading into the process of leather production, and its effects on both animals and the environment. Learn more.


“S” stands for Sustainable. There are tons of companies destroying the environment through unsustainable production methods, but thankfully more and more new brands are coming up with smarter ways to make clothing. When a company utilizes organic, recycled, or sustainable materials, we award them the big, blue S. Learn more.


“C” stands for Charitable. You might be thinking, “Doesn’t every company donate to charity?” It’s true. Many companies will donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. But when it comes to awarding this badge at betterthread, we focus on companies who build charity into the foundation of their business model through partnerships with artisans and/or with great nonprofit organizations. Learn more.

Pros & Cons

Each badge corresponds to a list of bullet points in each company profile, so you can get a rundown of a company’s good (or not-so-good) deeds without having to sort through endless paragraphs of marketing gibberish. Lastly, if you’d like to learn more about a company and how we arrived at our scores for them, we’ve listed a bunch of useful articles at the bottom. Read product reviews, interviews with company founders, news stories, and more!

Shop better. Easier.

We’re excited about bringing you a site that’s both easy to use and powerful. If you feel like we’ve helped you out and want to give us a hand in continuing this volunteer-based project, shoot us a donation via PayPal. Or if you’d like to help out more directly by reviewing products from these companies, drop us a line via the Contact page. Right now the site just covers clothing, but we’d love to cover food as well. If enough people pitch in, we can continue to improve this site for our users.If you need anything else, check out the FAQ, or see our list of Best and Worst Clothing Companies. Thanks for checking out BetterThread!