Some Questions and Answers


Where did these company profiles come from?

We examined each company and wrote the profiles to help you shop smarter. For ethically-conscious consumers like yourself, we do our best to take as much of the investigatory legwork out of the shopping experience, so that you can browse and buy without Googling the background of dozens of companies. We distill this information on each company profile at three depth levels:

1. In a Nutshell: In a hurry? Our 10-point grading system makes it as easy to pick a clothing company as it is to decide which movie to watch. There’s also a summary paragraph and a link to get shopping right away.

2. The Details: Want to know why a company was awarded particular badges? We’ve laid it all out for you in a series of brief bullet points that highlight all of the major pros and cons of each business.

3. Further reading: Want to see some of the articles we read to produce these profiles? Click the bolded text in The Details section and you’ll be on your way.

How do you score these companies?

We look for evidence that companies are treating people, animals, and the environment with respect. To do that, we spend a lot of time researching independent articles and evaluations of each company, and in certain cases we have direct communication with companies over these issues.

This stuff is way too expensive!

Well, that’s not really a question. More of an exclamation. But yes, it’s worth talking about. Most of us have been trained to think that clothes should be cheap. A pair of jeans, for example, should cost maybe $60. Unfortunately, these costs fail to take into account the true human cost of producing these goods. Poverty stricken workers often produce these goods at barely-livable wages and work insane hours in horrible conditions to do so. In a race to see who can make the cheapest clothes, big and small brands alike exploit these workers and hide it all behind slick marketing campaigns. So why should you buy the clothes we recommend? Because you can rest assured the people making it are being treated fairly. Every company on our site is, at a minimum, implementing fair labor practices. If that’s not enough, you can also be confident that most of these products are more durable than their cheap alternatives, so you can wear your clothes longer before replacing them.

Who are you guys?

BetterThread was started by four guys who care about making ethical shopping easier for everyone. Wes and Tyler focus on writing and researching, while Justin and Kirk take care of the technical upkeep of the web site. We all took part in writing the profiles, and we’re looking forward to working as a team to keep expanding the site.

How does this site make money?

Honestly? Right now it doesn’t. We built this web site because we care about these issues, not because we want to make money. However, we are hoping that people who find it useful will take the time to donate to our research efforts.